Monastry Memleben - Interactive Mixed Reality History

A tangible user interaction system for museum exhibits

SSTT Augmented Reality Tracker revamped

After quite some time in heads down mode I want to share with you a first glimpse at where is SSTT is heading. Obviously, the target in the demo is a sheet of paper but the internal pipeline is completely spatial. SSTT sports its own vision core with a JIT backend and a high performance math module. Everything is bundled and plug-able. Even in this early stage the tracking system is being tested across a wide range of mobile devices including smart glasses.

SSTT - Augmented Reality Tracking Library

Augmented Reality Tracking Library

Fast and Robust Markers ...

Some trial with a paper from Sattar et al. - with a current project I needed a faster and more robust marker system. Just a first draft with lots of room for improvement. Video