New perspectives on form: real-time, virtual modeling in networked 3D environments


This project investigates new approaches to developing complex 3D form through an iterative loop of experiments mediating between physical objects and digital space. It explores the concept of slippage occurring at the boundaries of converging technologies as a means of generating innovative and unexpected design outcomes, real and virtual, tangible and intangible. The sequence of experiments involved linking digital technologies that are not immediately compatible in remote networked environments. It brought together the ‘physical’ digital technologies of 3D scanning and digital making with the ‘virtual’ technologies of immersive stereoscopic environments and video conferencing in two separate locations. The paper describes this process and the outcomes, details the standard and custom developed hard-and soft-wares, and frames the project in a context of ‘play’ as a means of facilitating cross disciplinary collaboration and user-generated design.

4th International Conference on Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping