osgSWIG - SWIG based bindings for OpenSceneGraph

OpenSceneGraph implements a comprehensive scenegraph API for OpenGL. This project utilizes SWIG to generate various bindings for Python, Ruby, Java and Lua. This toolkit came to live while working on various projects around AR and VR at the HITLabNZ. HITLabNZ agreed we need to involve more people and allowed me to open it up and I subsequently moved it into a repository on Google Code under the new name osgSWIG.


Licensing is only necessary for the binding code. Starting with version 2.0 the osgSWIG binding scripts are licensed under the terms of a liberal MIT license. Earlier versions were licensed under the more restrictive GPL v2. For the actual libraries and modules the respective licenses stay in place. Newer versions of osgPython, the Python branch of osgSWIG, ship bundled with other libraries like osgART and osgVRPN. Also here the respective licenses apply.


osgSWIG uses SWIG and a bunch of scripts for creating the bindings, packaging etc. pp. Due to the cross-platform nature of OpenSceneGraph and SWIG it can be compiled on all major platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Except for nested classes which are not supported by SWIG almost all of the OpenSceneGraph API is exposed to the target languages.

Hartmut Seichter
Hartmut Seichter
Professor of Computer Graphics

My research interests are Augmented and Virtual Reality in combination with Tangible User Interfaces.