Statistics done beautifully

Some new kids on the block for statistics

CG traces week 18 2019

Cg Traces Week 3 2019

Cg Traces Week 2 2019

This week I was rather busy with other things, such as IEEE VR reviewing . But here we go … Meta shutting down , and for once …

CG traces week 1 2019

Kind of old news of the end of 2018 … Gesture Sensing With A Temperature Sensor - this looks really interesting and worth to …

Happy New Year 2019

CG traces week 52 2018

impressive open source graphics engine The G3D Innovation Engine for over two and half years this bug is lingering around in Qt …

CG traces - week 51 2018

CG traces - week 50 2018

Moved to Hugo

Finally migrated most content from my old page to Hugo with Academic Theme to get up to date with my homepage. Main reason was to have …