Hartmut Seichter

Professor of Computer Graphics

University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden


technotecture is a portfolio of project and research work, designs and publications by Hartmut Seichter. For more information check out a detailed CV


  • PhD in Computer Aided Architectural Design, 2006

    The University of Hong Kong

  • Diplom in Architectural Design, 2002

    Bauhaus University Weimar



Expert in C/C++ and versatile in C#, Java, JavaScript and Python. Let's just say I love programming!


Over 20 years of expertise in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and novel user interfaces

User Interface Design

Expert in designing and building novel user interfaces and their evaluation.

Computer Vision

Specializing in realtime image recognition and tracking

3D Modelling

Expert in design, creation and animation of 3D content.


Passionate higher education teacher.

Recent Posts

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UVRPN - Micro VRPN Wrapper for Unity

A simple VRPN wrapper for Unity

Monastry Memleben - Interactive Mixed Reality History

A tangible user interaction system for museum exhibits

SSTT - Augmented Reality Tracking Library

Augmented Reality Tracking Library

osgART - Augmented Reality Toolkit for OpenSceneGraph

Augmented Reality Software Toolkit for OpenSceneGraph

ComposAR - Desktop Augmented Reality Authoring

A desktop Augmented Reality Authoring Tool

Fusior - Multitouch Interaction Framework

Multitouch Interaction Software Framework

osgSWIG - SWIG based bindings for OpenSceneGraph

simple language bindings for OpenSceneGraph

Rovio Augmented Reality

AR on a mobile robot platform

BenchWorks - Augmented Reality Aided Collaborative Design

AR Collaborative Design for Architects

PART 3D Engine and Editor

crossplatform 3D engine and editor


Deconstructive Approach to an icon of German culture


A mobile half-pipe with trailer and pluggable support


A mobile and adaptable version of the IllusionHole


Jena Paradies intervened by generative architecture


Jena Paradies intervened by generative architecture

Mars Lab

Mars laboratory with flexible deployment

Museum Fractalis Final

Design experiment for a museum of fractals

Museum Fractalis Gamma

A hypothetical museum of fractals (sketch)

Pavillion '99

A pavillion for the Cultural Capital of Europe ‘99 in Weimar

Pavillion 2k

A pavillion for the Cultural Capital of Europe ‘99 in Weimar


Portable tribune for small events


Virtual Jena

Recent Publications

my academic output - complete publication list here

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Structural modeling using depth sensors

Techniques are presented for constructing a digital representation of a physical environment. In some embodiments, a method includes …

Spatial Interaction in Augmented Reality

A method for spatial interaction in Augmented Reality (AR) includes displaying an AR scene that includes an image of a real-world …

Face tracking for additional modalities in spatial interaction

A user device receives an image stream from the user side of the user device and an image stream from a target side of the user device. …

The utility of Magic Lens interfaces on handheld devices for touristic map navigation

This paper investigates the utility of the Magic Lens metaphor on small screen handheld devices for map navigation given state of the …


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