Hartmut Seichter

Hartmut Seichter

Professor of Computer Graphics

University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden


technotecture is a portfolio of project and research work, designs and publications by Hartmut Seichter. For more information check out my detailed CV

  • PhD in Computer Aided Architectural Design, 2007

    The University of Hong Kong

  • Diplom in Architectural Design, 2002

    Bauhaus University Weimar



Expert in C/C++ and versatile in C#, Java, JavaScript and Python. Let’s just say I love programming!


Over 20 years of expertise in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and novel user interfaces

User Interface Design

Expert in designing and building novel user interfaces and their evaluation.

Computer Vision

Specializing in realtime image recognition and tracking

3D Modelling

Expert in design, creation and animation of 3D content.


Passionate higher education teacher.



Recent Publications

my academic output - complete publication list here


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