technotecture [tech·no·tec·ture] is the online portfolio of Hartmut Seichter, Professor for Computer Graphics at University of Applied Sciences in Schmalkalden. Hartmut has over a decade of experience in Augmented and Virtual Reality. He co-authored over 50 peer reviewed publications with an h-index of 16 (June 2015) on Google Scholar and is inventor of a number of patents regarding AR interaction techniques. Beside the computer science part, Hartmut is a trained architect contributing also in the area of CAAD. In a recent study Hartmut is mentioned as the the second most influential researcher of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Computer Aided Architectural Design for the last decade. Beside that Hartmut is an avid organizer of academic events.

Augmented Reality and WebGL

For a project I was reviewing a number of WebGL engines with focus on Augmented Reality. As WebGL is rather similar to OpenGL ES 2.0 there are numerous reasons to use an engine rather than rolling your own code - dealing with matrix transformations and uniform just to name a few things. And there are a number of WebGL engines already out there. Even reviews of WebGL engines can be found aplenty on the web, with varying depth and also scope here and here. Here you find a quick overview of WebGL engines that focuses on Augmented Reality in conjunction with WebGL.